What is unique about our office?

We  value the relational component of dentistry — your story impacts ours.  Your smile brightens ours.  Our patients learn to expect more… and we expect to deliver. You will receive our best, and rest easy under our care.

Commonplace here, uncommon elsewhere…

  • It is uncommon to establish a relationship based healthcare approach with each patient.
  • It is uncommon to commit to hundreds of hours in continuing education on a yearly basis
  • It is uncommon to carry over 165 years of combined dental experience
  • It is uncommon to receive referrals from other general dentists
  • It is uncommon to be so highly respected among peers

We aim to help you achieve and maintain the best dental health within your own constraints be it time, health, or financial.  Our team intimately understands that it is not in the best interest of our patients to allow insurance benefits to be the final determinant of care.

We invest time and effort into ensuring you understand why any dental procedure is recommended as well as alternative options.  We empower you to make appropriate plans and decisions for yourself.

We commit ourselves to having an exceptional dental practice, not a usual and customary one.   It is not based on high volume or quick fix dentistry.