Trouble with your jaw?

TMD (temporomandibular joint) disorders are a family of problems related to your complex jaw joint, and affects up to 30% of adults. If you have had symptoms of pain or a ‘clicking’ sound, it is good for you to know that these conditions are more easily diagnosed and treated than they were in the past.

The disorders can develop for many reasons. You might clench or grind you teeth which tightens your jaw muscles and decreases the natural lubrication in the joint. Underlying medical conditions like arthritis or previous trauma may also need to be addressed.

Whatever the cause, the results may include a misaligned bite, pain, clicking or grating noises when you open your mouth, or difficulty opening your mouth wide. Patients with this condition often have very “sensitive bites” and any dental work must be handled skillfully.

Our doctors have advanced training in the area and are experienced in helping patients manage this condition. They will prescribe diagnostic imaging when appropriate, and partner with other medical and dental professionals when indicated.