Our Signature Oral Health Exam

Our team provides comprehensive care and advanced restorative dentistry for adult patients, which begins with our signature oral health exam.Our signature oral health exam is likely more thorough than any dental examination you have received before. Most new patients begin with this evaluation. Existing patients receive this full examination on a periodic basis as indicated.The exam begins with a conversation. Discussing your past dental experiences and concerns enables us to better interpret your current circumstances and oral health objectives.

Sometimes, an additional appointment (called a Records Appointment) may be needed to gather precise information.  To do so, we will make models of your teeth to further study and investigation how your teeth fit together. These records allow for accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment planning prior to addressing core foundational needs.

Our team is expertly trained in the following areas

  • Rejuvenating smiles
  • Strategies for a lifetime of stable and predictable dental health
  • Complex restorative care for significantly worn teeth, severe periodontal issues, or missing teeth
  • Dental implant placement and restoration
  • TMJ/TMD issues
  • Occlusion (how teeth fit together and function properly)
  • Conservative periodontal therapies
  • Minor orthodontics using Invisalign (clear aligning tray technology)
  • Snoring and sleep apnea appliances

Our signature oral health exam includes

  • Conversation related to your goals and objectives
  • Head and neck soft tissue screen
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Full periodontal (gum) examination
  • Assessment of individual tooth health including existing dental work
  • Evaluation of harmony between your bite, chewing muscles, and joints (TMJ)
  • Intraoral photos
  • Tooth-by-tooth dental tour
  • Radiographs as prescribed for you. In some cases, patients are referred for more complex images (CT-SCAN, MRI).