Interested in simplifying the process?

We give our patients greater convenience, flexibility, and trustworthy familiarity. The process is simplified when both the implant surgeon and restorative dentist work together under the same roof. It can be unnerving to be referred to an unfamiliar office across town for what may seem like a scary surgical procedure after establishing a trusting relationship with your dentist.

Implants are now a part of daily life in the modern dental practice. While this treatment method allows us to help patients in unprecedented ways, there is some inherent complexity. A team with our training is able to achieve optimal results with the seamless sequencing of procedures. Dr. Koo and Dr. Rolfes carry a well-rounded and practical understanding of integrating this procedure into everyday dentistry.

Our team will familiarize you with the entire process from beginning to end, and ease any fears about the surgery itself or the recovery process. The placement of a single implant is a straightforward procedure from the patient’s perspective.